Albion Street

Lloyd Spencer and Stephen Griffin

That certain star quality

Category : Photography · by Dec 30th, 2007

uploaded by griff le riff



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12 years ago · Reply

awesome!! love everything especially her face!!

Lloyd Spencer
12 years ago · Reply

It is amazing. A wonderful face, a wonderful image. Griff and I both spoke to the young lady for some time afterwards. I hope she gets to see this image.

12 years ago · Reply

I love the picture.Thank you.I will get in touch with you.

jean marc
12 years ago · Reply

i love her hair.. 🙂

12 years ago · Reply

oh god i think this is me! outside bar risa with that stupid star??!!
we cant see the picture though for some reason but just guessing from the comments! that was hilarious, you’re a legend, is there any other way i can see it?

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